Drive Recovery

How to Recover Deleted Files with Freeware Software

You delete an important file, somehow it skips your Recycle Bin altogether, and for all practical purposes, it's disappeared into the ether. But before you hit the big red panic button, there's a very good chance that your file is still alive and kicking somewhere on your hard drive—you just need to know how to find it. With the right tools, finding and recovering that deleted file can be as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

Restoration is an easy to use and straight forward tool to undelete files that were removed from the recycle bin or directly deleted from within Windows, and we were also able to recover photos from a Flash card that had been formatted. Upon start, you can scan for all files that may be recovered and also limit the results by entering a search term or extension. In addition, it also provides the option to wipe the found files beyond simple recovery. are irregularities on the magnetic media formed due to extensive read write operations, sudden voltage surges, certain viruses, corruption's in boot records etc. Disk Repair is a hard disk utility that repairs the logically formed bad sectors. Disk Repair realigns the magnetic orientation to make each byte read and write able and hence perform the easy hard disk space recovery. The software is simple to use and is helpful in many instances of disk problems.

Undelete Plus can recover deleted and lost files from all Windows file systems including the FAT and NTFS file systems. The application easily locates the deleted files and recovers them all unless they have been overwritten by the operating system.

Here is a simple explanation of all you need to do to recover deleted files with help

1. Stop using the computer

2. Do not install any new software or save any new data after file deletion

3. Do not try to run the system utilities such as Defragmenters and volume repair utilities

4. Do not run CHKDSK

5. Do not attempt to format the drive or change the partitions

6. Download and install the trial version of Disk Doctors Undelete on a healthy machine and connect the hard drive containing deleted files as a secondary drive and test run the program to see if your deleted files are found

7. If yes, then proceed ahead recovering your deleted files.