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Pen Drives - Flash Memory

Pen Drives

Today most easiest way to use storage media is USB memory or Flash Memory its mostly come in a shape of small pen so most of the its named as PEN Drive . Its come with USB port no need of power supply as it works on the supply of computer hardware its provides 5 +/- 0.25 volts on which USB devices do their work. When its connected to a computer its internal firmware allow him to get DMA (Direct memory access) and IRQ (Interrupt request) from computer and we can see it working when we are connected first time on our computer in right side of desktop. Its called as Detection of Device after that from my computer we can see a new drive icon such as F: , G: with some name like kingston. By Right Clicking you can See the Size of your flash memory Drive.

Pen Drive Inside


A USB controller that controls operation of all boards in the memory comes with a Memory chip data is stored. Memory chip either or controller (or both) of reading and writing data from damage, can not be accessed. In most cases the direct or external damage caused static electricity is expected to cause unstable electricity supply due. Besides, data accidentally deleted, formatted, corrupted data from any cause, and data corruption caused by viral infections.


Operational error (delete, format) and then if a problem occurs, if intact, the recovery rate of 90 percent or more. However, the use of overwritten data can not be recovered after a failure.


Logical Disorders

Physical Disability

- Delete files by human operating error  
 - Format, Initialize (recovery)  - Damage to the controller
- file system damage  - Memory Chip Damage
 - Problems caused by software malfunction  - Bad Sectors
 - Trouble with the virus infection data  

Provides perfect and complete flash drive recovery from corrupted or accidental ,deletion, formatting, failure, virus attack, damage to structure ( File System ) of all kinds of USB-drives and flash-memory cards from 64MB to 4GB and above.

Supports all types of USB flash drives, and manufacturers such as: Apacer, AVB, Kingmax Lexar, PenDrive, PQI, Ridata, Supermedia, Super Flash, Transcend, Kingston, Sony, SanDisk, etc. And no matter what system they are written either Windows or Apple Macintosh OSX.