Drive Recovery

Hard Disk

When a hard drive crash or media failure happens, knowledgeable and prudent professionals call to us more than any other company to salvage their seemingly unrecoverable data.

Data suddenly disappeared, you can not access the data, computer will not boot, hard disk is not recognized and data problems arise when you are first checkpoint .

Type of Recovery

The logical processing task to rebuild the system and data processing work on the structure of the physical damage to the hard disk. It is highly difficult task requiring both skill and experience, if a physical failure, we also work other logical processes. So yes, a measure of the state of the art data recovery disaster recovery rate of the physical.



Hard Disk Drive (HDD; Hard Disk Drive) is a high speed rotating disk coated with magnetic material, by moving the magnetic head reads the information recorded, the typical data storage devices are. Mainly personal computers, servers, RAID configuration NAS (Terastation, LANDISK) has been used by others. Recently, hdd recorder / HDD video , iPod, PS3, we have introduced a wide range of digital devices ranging from mobile phones in general. Recently, new technology, weak magnetic shocks, and structural weaknesses and limitations of mechanical disk SSD (Solid-state Drive) has received much attention.


Logical Disorders

Physical Disability

- Delete any file or folder by mistake artificial manipulation. - Head injury
 - Format, Initialize (recovery)  - PCB base damage
 - File system corruption  - Bad sectors (bad sector) experience
 - Problems caused by software malfunction.  - Bad Motor
 - Trouble with the virus infection data  - Firmware (Firmware) damage
 - Delete Partition  

Logical Disorders Symptoms

Physical Disability Symptoms

- Open Data - Does not Recognize Drive.
- File folder is not visible. - An abnormal sound.
While Formatting Error Messages.  


Type of Hard Disk Drives

IDEIDE Integrated/Intelligent Drive/Device Electronics. First appeared years ago, hard 50 "RAMAC" was not a huge 24inch stacked disks 50. The hard disk, now took the form of, IDE hard disk is. Hard and ST-506 MFM, RLL and IDE becomes the EIDE, Ultra ATA went on to develop.

However, cable can not solve the problem of noise during data transmission, Serial ATA will change to look like.


SATASATA Serial ATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It achieved a simple and fast transfer rates possible, the conventional parallel system is also compatible with the ATA standard. The conventional serial and jumper settings are also needed by eliminating the need for ATA drives, the hard disk as well as "soon as you use the connection" is now. It also has the advantage that you can connect multiple peripherals to a single connector. Serial interface, an IEEE 1394 2.0 USB typical is, AV is a high-speed serial bus standard to connect external devices and peripherals.

SCSISCSI Small Computer Systems Interface. It improve your computer's performance, CPU without interference in the output takes place. Multitasking and, when large data transfers with minimal CPU load, and can rapidly process large volumes of data, because the cost is expensive, they are used primarily for the server Masu. SCSI hard drive, SCSI-1, Fast SCSI, Wide SCSI, Fast SCSI-20, Fast SCSI-40, Ultra-2 SCSI and Ultra 3 SCSI but has been upgraded and now SAS HDD has been replaced by.



SASSAS Serial Attached SCSI : It was introduced as a new interface technology as a replacement for SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) has recently adopted a series of new server products has become the new standard.

SAS is one of the SCSI standard, whereas previous SCSI parallel transmission standards, SAS provides a serial transmission and they, in terms of speed is more than four times faster. In addition, 50% lower power consumption can be reduced by at least a high performance, high availability can be demonstrated.

Hard-Disk Inside

Hard-Disk Logic Card

Typical Failures of Commonly Used Drives

Seagate Hard Drive Problems

Samsung Hard Drive Problems


Hard drive (HDD) Manufacturers

Seagate Samsung Western Maxtor Toshiba Hitachi Fujitsu IBM


External hard Disk

External Hard Drive

Its easy to carry, easy to access various devices also are commonly used for reasons such as data backup and easy to use.

External hard drive (HDD), you have excellent phone, data and video and music recording and data backup large amounts of information is growing rapidly in demand. Primarily on the USB interface is used, IEEE (Firewire), eSATA, LAN and Internet connections available methods are also used. Convenient to carry the portable HDD, RAID configuration recently, NAS has been released from products that meet the diverse needs of products supported.

Common failures of the external hard drive content

Suddenly no longer recognizes.

I can hear noise from the hard drive.

" Safely Remove Hardware "message is displayed, OS does not recognize the drive.

" USB device not recognized "message.

" is not formatted. Do you want to format? "In the message. File system damage-PBS, FAT, MFT ERR

" delayed write error "message.

" Drive not accessible "message.

Device Manager "!" And "?" Mark out.

I do not know the meaning of the text is displayed. ( recovery rate of 90% or more )

0 is a disk size information to determine Disc.

Common disorder mostly external hard disk, MBR is damaged or if you fall, PBS partition configuration information (Partition Boot Sector ) or FAT (File Allocation Table) and if it is damaged it.