Drive Recovery

Data Lost

Hard Disk Data Lost

Causes of data corruption and loss

Power outages or other power-related problems

This problem mostly come due to power supplies .Basically Hard Disk runs on Speed of 7200 RPM ( Rotations Per Minute ) approx. On this much high speed spin-up and spin -down events. The hard disk recalibrates itself to balance the changes in temperature which is also adjusting the position of data on the platter surface and when the hard disk can not scan the data properly. As a result, if the hard disk recalibrates a lot it might be a symptom of a failing hard disk.

However, take note that there is hard disk that programmed to saves power. In order to saves power the hard disk spin down and when there’s work to be done that’s the time to spin-up again.

Bad sectors of the hard disk will not cause by insufficient power of power cuts. The head actuators automatically park the heads on every occasion there is power cuts so that the platters won’t crashed to head actuators. There is no way that power cuts will cause your hard disk bad sectors but having a bad power supply can fail your hard drive because it will surge the circuit board of it and may fry the motor.

A cheap power supplies do not kill hard drive even slowly killing it.

Never Use Low Quality of Power Supplies

Always Use UPS ( Uninterrupted Power Supply )

Improper shutdowns, such as caused by power outages or performing a hard restart: pressing and holding the power button.

Never store your documents on the same drive as your operating system

While most word processors will save your files in the My Documents folder, this is the worst place for them. Whether it is a virus or software failure, the majority of computer problems affect the operating system, and oftentimes the only solution is to reformat the drive and reinstall the operating system. In such an instance, everything on the drive will be lost.

Use This Settings to Store Your Documents on Other partition of Hard Disk : Go On Desktop > Right Click on My Documents > Change C: to D: or any other partition where you want to Store your Data.

Data loss can happen to anyone, no matter how good the backup protection system is. There is no tape backup that can comprise all the valuable information without omitting some precious stuff. Text documents, financial records, contact records, address books, email messages and databases that you have created on your computer or servers may disappear forever unless you take a serious action to prevent it.