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Data Recover India

Data Recover India

Our center possess of advanced facility and technology. And our seasoned professional engineer can offer high-level consultation and fast, effective data recovery service to our users.

Our engineers have been successful in data recovery for many years. So whether data on your hard disk drive was damaged by fire, or by flood — or by any of the numerous, more typical and usual causes of data loss, there is help available right now, just a phone call away.

So whether you've had a hard disk drive crash/failure, or critical files just became inaccessible, or the power went out and now that it's back on again data seems "lost" and your lifeblood information gone with it, we can help. Did your data back-up process or hardware device fail? Whatever your situation our experts can get your data back safe and sound.

We specialize in data recovery from IDE, SCSI, SATA or fiber channel hard drives, tapes, USB, digital and other storage media. With many years experience and countless successful recoveries for domestic, commercial and government customers we are your trusted solution provider when disaster strikes.

What's Data Recovery?

People usually have a feeling of regretting and anxious when the data on computer storage facilities was lost caused by various reasons, but always forget to make effort to resume the lost materials.

Data recovery means recovering corrupted data on the media destroyed by physical or logical errors Our recovery service includes all media including HDD, FDD, ODD, Tape, Zip, Jaz memory disk, RAID, NAS and SAN Unless media is not corrupted even though one deleted data or a disk may destroyed , data might be still remained in the hard disk drive. But a surface corruption or data overwriting might reduce a possibility of data recovery. But recently in case of overwriting, we have had good recovery result by sorting lost files" extension. In case of physical errors, a cover of broken hard disk drive should be opened in class 100% clean room, in order to repair high capacity disk you need more complicated devices and parts. If you apply for recovery service you can recover data without addition data loss.

Data recovery group organization possess of advanced facility and technology. And our seasoned professional engineer can offer high-level consultation and fast, effective data recovery service to our user.

Data recovery object

Our data recovery objects include RAID server, HD, Mobile HD, flash disk, floppy disk, floppy dish, magnetic tape, HDD, ZIP, MO and all kinds of memory cards.

Support system

Unix, Solaris, Linux, Macintosh, MS-DOS, Windows 98/ME NT4.0/Server, Windows 2000 Pro/Server , Windows server 2003,Windows Embedded, Windows XP etc

Recoverable File system

FAT16 , FAT32 , NTFS , NSS , HFS+ , EXT2/3, RAID Volume etc

Bad Sector Repair : Bad sectors are irregularities on the magnetic media formed due to extensive read write operations, sudden voltage surges, certain viruses, corruption's in boot records etc.
Recovery Deleted Files Freeware : a free and useful tool to restore accidentally deleted files from hard and floppy disks, USB flash drives, CF and SD cards and and other storage media.
Freeware Hard Disk Wipe : Hard drive and partition eraser utility . Delete any sensitive information, like industrial secrets or some unwanted content, you want to be sure that it will be deleted permanently.
Data Loss Reasons : Is it is Hardware Failure , Software problem , Firmware Corruption . Human Errors Such as Accidental deletion and Overwriting some existing data.